Benefits with Adnify – Companies, Try Us!

Know before Buying: The one and only ingenious platform where IT companies can go through the enquiry details before buying. Take a purchase decision once you get sure about the profitability of the query.

No Misleading Queries: Each query gets filtered through various processes for providing companies with only authentic enquiries. QC check mechanism and grading systems are employed to serve revenue-generating queries and achieving high conversion rate.

Promote yourself with Adnify: Adnify plays a vital role in pitching your brand by utilizing proven and versatile promotion techniques.

Effortless Search: Adnify makes sure that IT vendors can come across relevant queries effortlessly. For ensuring smooth workflow, we have distributed queries in various categories such as Domestic and International. Within them, various sub-sections have been created for facilitating active search. Companies can select appropriate queries as per their preferences which may draw massive returns.

Cost-effective leads: With Adnify, companies can access unique, quality and affordable IT leads. We, as a service provider, do it all for you. You are no longer required to get concerned about marketing and advertising expenses.

Real time queries: Adnify understands the level of promptness required in business. Hence queries are served in real time so that companies can get in touch with prospective buyers as soon as possible.

Management Information System: Companies with Adnify has an account where you can get a detailed statement of your transactions, even the history. Using MIS feature, you can create a master login and sub-user account, hence enabling you to manage more than a single account.

‘You have a NEW query’: An Alert system has been set up informing you about the new customer queries either by SMS or email. A default alert on ongoing deals has also been introduced.

Be a part of Loyalty Programs: We conduct loyalty programs for you. We serve you free queries or queries at very low price once you earn rewards in loyalty programs.

We love to hear from you: Customers send feedback about the quality of services rendered by you. Such feedbacks help you to judge the quality and consistency of your services.