How it Works !

How It Works
Lending a Helping Hand

Adnify strives to connect you with right provider every time and never disregard our responsibility, whether you are initiating a new project from the scratch or need assistance with the existence one.

Step 1 – Get your project submitted in just 30 Seconds

Convey your message

  • Be it web design, online marketing or copywriting; discuss your creative needs with us.
  • Provide information about your project (Attach a brief copy for convenience)
  • Best communication mediums to discuss quotes – Email or Phone
  • It is simple and easy.

Step 2 – ‘We connect better’

The moment we receive details about your project, our system gears up for the job. It analyzes your project needs and gets you connected with perfect partner for your business.

What we do?

  • Induct qualified, experienced and adept service providers from business circles
  • Enquire about their market reputation from their peers
  • Send you an elongated list of recommended matches

Step 3 – Compare agents and prices simultaneously

Without any hassle, you will receive a list of potential service providers as per your needs.

You, as a customer, can:

  • Evaluate each profile thoroughly
  • Examine their work portfolio
  • Go through reviews from real customers Request quotes from providers you find the best

Step 4 – Compare quotes and crack the best deal

With no intermediaries, you can get the quotes instantly directly from the providers and by comparing quotes, you can select the provider you want to associate with. Tell the provider directly about your intent to work with him. Soon, you will receive a project update request asking whom have you selected for the job.

Competitive Quotes

Save time and get quotes in 24 hours

It can takes hours to research agencies, companies, freelancers and consultants. With adnify you submit your project once and we do all the work matching you with the right provider for the job.

Save money with competitive quotes

When your project has been submitted and you have selected the providers you want quotes from, they will send you competitive quotes. The providers are competing for your business so you get the best price without having to ask around.