SEO or SMO - What is Best for E-commerce ?

Running an e commerce website?

Then, I guess, you are well aware of the operations that are required to keep your website rank high in the search engine results.

Some of such operations are, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

SEO and SMO help your website garner huge traffic which in turn helps your business grow.

But what the common problem is that people either get confused between these two or they scratch their heads trying to figure out which one to perform to keep their website ranking high in the search results.

And this is pretty legit.

Yes, SEO and SMO both help your website garner more traffic but performing the both at the same time is not going to help you reach your targeted ROI.

So, her I have talked a bit about SEO and SMO and which is the one you actually need to act on to see your website in the top charts.

What Is SEO?

SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular operations out there. It is performed by almost all websites. SEO deliberately helps your website achieve higher ranks in the search results.

SEOs are easy to perform but requires you to be patient and wait for Google to act on it.

And while opting for SEO you also need to accept the fact that you might not even receive the results you performed the optimization for.

But then why is SEO such important? Let’s find it out.

Performing SEO Might Be A Good Idea

SEO does have some long term benefits. And that is why it has still been thriving throughout the industry.

  • SEO lets you rank your page high enough in the google search results in an absolute generic way and have unlimited free traffic for a large time period.
  • It even allows you garner a large amount of traffic and ROI as well.
  • SEO is very helpful when it is about targeting the intended audience.

An Introduction To SMO

SMO is also a well-known term in the tech industry. And one of the prior reasons of such popularity is because it helps businesses garner stable traffic to the website.

Search Engine Optimization helps websites get a large number of audience, though like I said earlier, it requires time. But this doesn’t really mean that the traffic generated by SMO is less. The traffic garnered by SMO depends on how viral the post or the video has become over social media.

What Makes SMO An Option To Opt For?

There are a number of reasons that make SMO a better option compared to SEO.

  • SMO is easier to perform than SEO.
  • SMOs are quite capable of generating traffic spikes and can provide fabulous results when a post or video goes viral.
  • SMOs even help websites build a better network, making it an integral part of networking.
  • SMO can even be done with an average website structure as it is not a methodical process like SEO.
  • Though the traffic generated by SMO is a bit cascading at times. But when it starts showering traffic upon your website, the visibility of your website will develop severely.

Which One To Go For? SEO or SMO?

So, as I have given you the outline of both SEO and SMO, I guess, you are all set to differentiate the difference between them and choose the one that would work the best for ecommerce.

Let’s Begin With SMO

While initiating an e-commerce website, you do require enough traffic to get going.

Now if you opt for SEO then it might take a month or two for you to generate the desired amount of traffic to your website.

Like you know already, this is not the case with SMO.

So, in such an instance, you need to begin your journey with SMO. Social Media Optimization, if done properly, is capable of giving you the perfect kick start that you had been waiting for.

In addition, it will make sure that people know your brand name.

There are such guides about e-commerce which recommend, SEO over SMO. They are partially correct. But things are different when it is about the initial days of an ecommerce website.

And Now About SEO

It is true that SMO helps websites a lot when it is about the initial period of a website. But sticking to it for long is definitely not a good idea if you want to make it big.

Beginning your website with SMO, it is better to slowly shift your things towards SEO. As The process of SEO is time consuming, it allows you to start slowly with a small budget.

With a good SEO strategy, you can initiate by getting to know the keywords and target audience. Post that, consult with an SEO expert. They’ll definitely tell you the way to make most from your investment.

So, now if you are popular over social media, you need to slowly dig towards SEO. There are a number of ecommerce SEO guides which are quite capable of giving you a detailed information about SEO and how to get the best out of it.

Do SEO and SMO Go Hand In Hand?

Yes, they do.

Though in this article I have tried my best to figure out the best among the two but at the end of the day, SEO and SMO go hand in hand.

All you need is proper planning and execution. They work along and provide the best results, with time.

Start with a small SEO and continue the On Page SEO. Having them done, work on the link building and post that, at the same time focus on social media.

The best example of SEO and SMO working along is by link building. Build the backlinks by guest posting properly.  Even by creating a profile over social media can also help you build good backlinks. This also helps to boost your e-commerce website SEO.

Other than that, inbound links do good while boosting up your SEO traffic.

Social media traffic also helps luring bloggers towards writing about your website. Which means, simply, a lot more inbound links.

I hope this makes it clear that SEO and SMO are interlinked.

So, what’s your take?



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