Adnify – Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy!

Adnify has created a Privacy Policy to provide you coherent information on how we handle and deal with personal and business information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information (Referred to as ‘Adnify’) has devised a transparent work mechanism where we and our authorized parties collect personal information and other sensitive data using an on-line registration form. The users are required to disclose 100% authentic personal details and business information (such as email address, name, business details and etc). Adnify uses this information for providing customized services, showcasing the content of website that may interest the users. User information dealt by us is also used for transaction and accounting purposes.

The information collected is used for developing business relationships by communicating with prospective users and discussing services rendered by the portal. Such communications may occur in the form of printed mailers, electronic newsletters and electronic mail (email). Cookies may be placed on user’s hard drive for storing personal and professional data. Generated by the server, these cookies result in enhanced user experience while browsing the website.

We seek to acquire certain technical information about user’s IP address, web browser and operating system for security concerns. For wireless users, we strongly suggest to provide us information after checking with your respective subscriber.

Adnify reserves the right to take strict action against the user if the information provided is false and inaccurate.

Website may use for information for other legitimate purposes, may or may not be mentioned here.

Disclosure Information

‘Website’ safeguards your private information. We will not share or reveal any restricted information except when Website has users’ permission for accessing any identifiable information under special conditions such as when ‘Website’ undertakes such activity in good faith, owing to terms and conditions of policy or in accordance with applicable laws.

‘Website’ may disclose the restricted information to –

  • Authorized third parties and affiliated entities to process the work on our behalf;
  • Financial, legal and other professional advisors in respect to reorganization of certain or all parts of business and other operations;
  • Users’ who have posted their query in connection with IT industry;
  • Law enforcement bodies for cooperating in the investigation carried out in any fraud or other malicious offences;
  • Users who are willing to advertise on the site

Your use of other users’ information

‘Website’, as a service provider, will grant you access to other users’ information through electronic mails (email) from website’s authorized ID. Email addresses and other information of buyers would be sent to you through emails. Any other requested mode of communication shall not be entertained.

Protection of Information

‘Website’ has put in place many reasonable measures to protect your personal and business information from disclosure, alteration and unauthorized access. Information pertaining to you is passed through plenty of tools such as password and encryption, for ensuring complete safety.

Payment Security

‘Website’ employs relevant payment security system for ensuring no untoward events. We have devised highly-functional ‘Payment Gateway System’ which has been given complete control for undertaking remittances. Users are required to provide credit card information and our in-house method processes the transaction automatically.

Changes in Privacy Policy

‘Website’ may change the policy terms periodically as it feels necessary. Request you to regularly check the website for any changes in the Privacy Policy.