Adnify – Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (referred to as an ‘Agreement’) shall be governed in accordance to Indian laws. Any dispute arising out of terms and conditions of the company are subjected to the jurisdiction of courts in India. Adnify has maintained these terms and conditions for the use of this website. By subscribing to and using this website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and will be bound by this ‘Agreement’. If any does not agree or gives consent, he/she may not access this website for any use or otherwise.

By these terms and conditions, the Website expects users to execute actions responsibly without infringing the moral code and conduct. Registered IT companies and customers should not use website’s information for any illegitimate and prohibited purposes. The website restricts the usage, monitor, modify and copying of content using illicit measures such as scraper, robot spider or manually for any purpose. If any malicious activity detected or any violation of terms and conditions is noticed, the website, at its discretion, will terminate the membership and access of registered companies and customers, either with or without notice.

For Registered Members (IT Companies):

  • Registered companies should provide true, updated and complete information;
  • If a Registered Member is an individual, it is believed that an individual has entered into the website’s agreement, but, if a registered member is a company, the company is said to have entered into agreement. The members are required to provide the address of head/registered office while filling online registration form.
  • Registered members shall not sell, offer to sell, attempt to sell, assign, transfer, share or give the account details allotted by the Website to third parties.
  • Registered members should bring to our notice any unauthorized use of their account
  • The website has power to reject any registration or deny issuance of Master and Sub User account for whatsoever reasons. We retain the right to seize any account, with or without notice, which may violate the working spirit of the website.
  • The leads provided by the website shall be strictly used by registered members only;
  • Any abuse or misuse of the leads is strictly prohibited. It includes transferring, reselling or distributing the leads to any other individual or entity for commercial use.
  • Registered members cannot get into any commercial engagement with other IT vendors by providing them customer queries.

For Customers

Information offered by customers shall not be:

  • Inaccurate, incomplete, fake, intimidating, defamatory or offensive
  • Having any malware, spyware or virus used for hacking

Transactions between Registered Companies and Customers

  • Adnify has maintained this website for exchanging information and facilitating transactions between Registered Companies and Customers. The website does not act as a representative of either side (Companies and Customers). The website does not warrant the safety, quality and legality of services provided by Registered Members.
  • Registered Members and Customers are solely responsible for the transactions conducted through, on or due to this website.
  • Website is not accountable for any dispute arising out of or relating to the transaction. The two parties shall not blame Website for any disagreement and must agree to discharge the website from all demands, actions, claims, proceedings, cost, expenses and damages, which includes actual, incidental, special and consequential damages without any specified limitation.


Except third party content, every piece of information on this website is copyrighted and draws punitive punishment on infringement. Content refers to graphs, HTML codes, images, text and other data available on the website.

Privacy Policy

Personal and business information provided by the user is governed by and construed in accordance to the Privacy Policy of the website.

Kindly visit Private Policy section for further details

Links to other websites and Products/Services

The website gives right to use third party websites through hyperlinks. But, it has no control over the content, services and products displayed on such sites. The website cannot be held responsible for any subject matter related to outbound links. Complaints concerned with such issues shall not be entertained.

Modification / Termination of Usage

The Website reserves the right to modify or revise Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to Registered Members and Customers. The revised terms and conditions shall be effective once posted on the site. If Registered Members and Customers do not comply with amended rules, they must stop using this website. Continuous use of website’s services will suggest acceptance of modified terms and conditions.


The website reserves the right to initiate a legal action against Customers and Registered Members who violate or attempt to violate website’s security.


The website does not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the information on it. It is not liable for any errors and omissions with respect to the information provided here.. The website posts few mysterious queries in order to protect the privacy of customers from fraudulent and deceitful companies. Credits taken from such companies will be remitted back once investigation into the matter concludes.

Change in Terms and Conditions

The ‘Website’ may change terms and conditions periodically as it deems necessary.


The Website has full rights to terminate the membership of Registered Companies, if it is detected that the company is using leads for his vented interests in violation of company’s terms and conditions. Once membership is revoked, all credits pertaining to the company shall be suspended.

Reversal Policy

Adnify, in the best way possible, try to serve leads compatible to the specialties and preferences of the Registered Members. We have a refund policy for a improbable event when our members remain discontented.

Refund Conditions

In case of invalid contact information (Phone or email); However, a receipt of bounce email must be produced for claiming refund.

No Refund Conditions

  • No response to email / phone calls by customers
  • Mistaken/Unintentional lead purchase
  • Refund request after 7 days of enquiry receipt